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Dino Cazares Explains FEAR FACTORY's 2018 Monolith Album Art Leak

Back when nobody knew what was happening.


Vocalist Burton C. Bell gave us all hope in 2018 when when we all still had no idea what was going on with Fear Factory. Bell revealed Fear Factory would be releasing a new album called Monolith in 2019, and even showed off the artwork. Obviously that never surfaced and people started wondering what was going on.

Guitarist Dino Cazares has since explained to The MetalSucks Podcast that the Monolith name and artwork was all Bell. What was then known as Monolith ended up becoming Aggression Continuum, the new Fear Factory album due out next month.

“The label was wanting to wait it out to see what happened in court before they changed the band name so they were holding onto the record. In 2017, we finished the record and we turned it in.

“Actually Burton turned the record in to the record company. But in the back of my mind I still felt there were things that needed to be done on it. But because I was going through my court issues, I didn’t really have much of a say at that moment. Burton was pretty much running the show at that time.

“Burton also turned in some artwork that I’d never seen until it got leaked and he called the record Monolith at that time. Fear Factory never made an official statement that that’s what it’s called but Burt kinda leaked it out there. I was like, hmm, that’s what the record is called?

“But you know, I was really engulfed in a trial that I was going through. I was in the middle of a trial and getting prepared to go to trial during the time Burt was doing all that stuff. So I didn’t really have control, I didn’t have any say.

“Plus, I was mentally gone at the time. So I was doing that, and once I got done with my trial, I regained my assets from the bankruptcy trial. And this is a trial that I had to go against Raymond and Christian, they were fighting me in bankruptcy court."

Listen to the full podcast here. Aggression Continuum is due out June 18 and pre-orders are available here. You can also stream the latest single "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine" below.

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