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DEICIDE's Glen Benton: DAVE MUSTAINE Is A "Prolapsed Rectum"

Nobody is giving Deicide frontman Glen Benton any scholarly awards anytime soon. The man has burned an inverted cross into his forehead. He constantly called into a preacher's talk show to prank him. But, hey, I think the dude is hilarious, which is why I was excited to read a new interview on MetalSucks conducted with Satan's favorite worshipper. My favorite section was when his political beliefs were called into question:

Is our culture more understanding of a person like Glen Benton now, or do we have more right wing lunatics that ever, some of them running for president?

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The people we have running for president are nothing more than talk shows hosts. It’s a farce, an absolute joke. There’s no one with any sincerity, no one real. I want to see a real person run for president. I want a real person with real person problems running for president. Some rich guy with rich guy problems, they think us schmucks at the bottom don’t mean shit.

What about a guy like Rick Santorum, who has some of the same views as your old foe Bob Larson?

He has as much of a chance of winning as I do [laughs]. Y’know? I can tell you the Democrats are rallying behind Obama and the Republicans are struggling but will rally around Romney. I hate to say it, but get ready for four more years of Obama.

Would you vote Republican?

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I voted for Reagan and I voted for Bush.

Did you vote for Bush II?

Once. I voted for Gore the first time. I was one of the lost Florida votes for Gore [laughs].  I also voted for Obama because I wanted to see change in the country. I travel around the world and don’t need to hear fucked up opinions about us. But they are opinions about the guy running the country. We need to bring all our kids home, get the hell out of all these other countries and focus on making this the best country in the world. Why can’t we do that? We’re falling apart fast. I’m a child of the 70s and I was lucky I was able to taste that innocence.

What about someone like Dave Mustaine who became a Christian and supports Santorum? 

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He’s a prolapsed rectum. One minute you’re in, the next you’re out. Let’s just say prolapsed rectum.

While I don't personally agree with some of Benton's past election choices, I respect his right to his opinion. Especially, the part about Dave Mustaine!

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