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DEE SNIDER Thinks the Live Music Industry is Pretty Screwed Thanks to COVID-19

"The live music industry is screwed for the time being."

Dee Snider credit StephanieCabral_rsz

Live music is essentially a thing of the past right now. While drive-in concerts are our new reality at the moment, other (idiot) artists are going right ahead and holding shows with little to no precautions. The lack of live music is extremely bad news for small venues in some countries, while others like Germany are actually supporting their culture. All this has led Twisted Sister and successful solo artist Dee Snider to one conclusion – live music is screwed right now.

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Snider recently told Metal Hammer he doesn't believe the industry is screwed in the long term, but short term things aren't looking great.

"The live music industry is screwed for the time being," said Snider. "It’s hopefully not screwed forever, but this is certainly going to leave a mark. Everything that’s happening is just horribly damaging, especially for young artists who don’t have the legacy or the licensing or branding that a band like Twisted Sister has."

Snider also expressed his doubts about people returning to see shows once COVID-19 has passed.

"How are people going to feel when gigs are back on? Will they even come? Will they be standing shoulder to shoulder in the audience, or are they going to be wearing masks? As fan and as a performer, rock’n’roll is about that one-ness – those moments where a massive audience and the band and the song connect and we’re all one.

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"If that's not there, I don’t want it any more. That's not rock'n'roll. It better get back out there, cos I don’t think I want to do it if it doesn't. I'm like an old brat who's behaving like a child: ‘I want my rock'n'roll!’"

Dee Snider will release his new live album For the Love of Metal Live! on July 31. Pre-orders are available here.

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