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Dave Mustaine Wants LAMB OF GOD's Chris Adler To Join MEGADETH Full-Time

Chris Adler, not technically a non-member of Megadeth.

Chris Adler, not technically a non-member of Megadeth.

When Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler was announced as the fill-in drummer for Megadeth, everyone just assumed it was a temporary gig and he'd be going right back to Lamb of God while Megadeth filled the role with someone else. According to Adler in an interview with the MetalSucks Podcast, this wasn't the case and he was just sort of juggling both bands at the same time. Well, was and still is juggling both bands at the same time!

“It was widely reported, when this all first went down, that I was gonna be the session guy for the record, and that really never came from me or from Dave. I think it was just assumed, because Lamb is doing fairly well, and we have a record coming out, and nobody is in jail currently, so I think everybody thought that it would just be a session deal. And I think that’s probably fairly accurate in the long run. But I’d really like to work it out.

I’d really love to play drums in Megadeth. I can’t do that instead of Lamb, so the two have to be, kind of, massaged, and I don’t know if that’s possible. And if it’s not, obviously, I’m gonna stay with Lamb Of God, because that’s my baby. But I would absolutely love to do it. So, yeah, on my bucket list?! Record an album with Megadeth. Also on that list: play some shows with Megadeth. So, if I can hold on to this, if I can keep it going for a little while, I definitely wanna do it. And Dave has asked me repeatedly: ‘Please become a member of the band.’ I would love to take him up on that offer, but I’ve got my own project. And that’s what I told him.

I was, like, ‘Megadeth is your baby, and Lamb Of God is mine, and if we can make both work, I’d love to do this with you, ’cause I love Megadeth and I want you to win. And I know there’s a lot of people out there that give you a hard time, and that’s just because you’re the guy that changed the world with your guitar, so it’s easy to pick on the king. But I still want you to win, so I wanna be involved, and I’ll help you in any and every way that I can.”

Sure, it sounds like Adler's heart is with Lamb of God since his musical history has largely been with the group, but he definitely sounds like he's not opposed to the idea of joining Megadeth if he can full time. How crazy is that? Especially with Lamb of God about to drop a new record and go out on tour with Slipknot and all that, so even though it sounds like Adler gave an answer, we'll see how he handles the situation when it comes time to actually live out a decision.

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