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DAVE LOMBARDO Resurrecting GRIP INC.; What Does this Mean For SLAYER?

Dave Lombardo has a bit of free time on his hands due this ongoing Slayer drama. So, he's gone ahead and decided to resurrect his Grip Inc. project.

In a new interview with Rock Overdose, Lombardo says he is reviving the band and bringing in Casey Chaos from Amen to do vocals. Previous vocalist Gus Chambers allegedly took his own life and died in 2008. Also in the band on guitar will be Waldemar Sorychta. They are working on some tour dates and the possibility of a new album.

During the same interview, Lombardo stated that his side project Philm is now basically his main gig. Does the prospect of Lombardo returning to Slayer seem grimmer now that he's focusing on all these other projects? Lombardo has said he wants to come back to Slayer, but obviously money talks, and as of right now, it's not doing much talking.

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