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DAVE GROHL Says It's His Job To Bring Everyone Together, His Daughter's To Start A Revolution

"It's not old guys like me. It's not people like Kanye."


Dave Grohl is done being the zeitgeist of his time. He's looking to the next generation—and his daughter Violet—to light a fuse. While in conversation with MSNBC's Ari Melber (The Beat), Grohl told the cable news host, "I don't feel like it's our job as a band to create any sort of revolution. It's to bring everyone together… It's my daughter's job to create that next revolution and I think she will." At the center of the conversation was Grohl's book, The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music. You can watch the entire interview with Grohl below.

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"When we go out onstage, the thing I love about playing our big shows is that I can join everybody in a giant chorus, whether it's a song like 'My Hero' or 'Best of You,' 'Everlong,' 'Learn to Fly,' whatever it is," Grohl said. "When we play those songs, 100,000 people will sing along and there aren't too many things in life that bring those people together like that. They're different walks of life, politics, religion, whatever it is, when you play a song that everybody sings along to, it's a huge energy and it's great."

Beyond community, Grohl's songs are for the here and now, and he's still banking on the future when it comes to "the next Nirvana." Speaking again about his daughter, Grohl said, "She looks like a punk rock kid who listens to Joni Mitchell. So it's kind of like a punk rock Joni Mitchell. And when I see that, what I see is this mutation, this change, this growth and progression that her generation, they're the rock stars now. It's not old guys like me. It's not people like Kanye [West]. It's that generation. Give it five or 10 years, give it three or four years and you'll see how this mutation is happening."

It has been a year of great highs and tragic lows for Grohl. Foo Fighters released their horror-comedy film Studio 666 and the accompanying soundtrack by fictional band Dream Widow, but were rocked by the passing of long-time drummer Taylor Hawkins in March. Two tribute concerts are scheduled for September, one in Los Angeles and another in London.

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