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DAVE ELLEFSON Can Finally Wear A METALLICA Shirt Again

"I'm not in Megadeth. I can finally wear my Metallica shirts again."

david ellefson

In a recent YouTube interview with the Mike Nelson Show, former Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson, who was unceremoniously ousted from the band in 2021 amid allegations of sexual misconduct, confessed his renewed love for Metallica and his newfound freedom to proudly wear their shirts.

In his own words, Ellefson explained, "I almost wore my Metallica shirt today. It's cycled up to the bottom of my – you know the black t-shirt pile we all have? Just cycle down, and you go through the shirts. 'Oh, there's a Metallica shirt. Maybe I should wear this one today.' I'm not in Megadeth. I can finally wear my Metallica shirts again."

"Hey, man, I'm a Metallica fan," he continued. "I mean, talk about gold standards. They're the one for metal. They have gone on to do the impossible. I mean, really, when you think about it in the touring business, there's Taylor Swift, there's Metallica, maybe Beyonce, Guns N' Roses."

Ellefson admiration for Metallica goes beyond mere fandom, as he recognizes the band's significance as a benchmark for the entire music industry: "And thank God, man, they’re at the top. We need them to be at the top, because if they’re at the top, that means all boats rise to that level. So we want Metallica to be fucking Apple computer; we need ’em to be for our genre."

The bygone lawsuits, feuds, and animosities that marked the history of both Megadeth and Metallica are, according to Ellefson, ancient history. As he dons his Metallica shirts once more, it's a symbol of reconciliation, personal growth, and a tribute to the enduring influence of one of metal's most legendary bands. That, or it's a bit of a nose flick at Dave Mustaine and his ongoing, apparently unintentional beef with his former bandmates. Maybe a little of both, eh?

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