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Could We See A New GOJIRA Album In 2014?

It feels like only yesterday Gojira dropped L'enfant Sauvage upon us. The four-year wait between records might have contributed to that feeling, but at least it was a worthwhile wait! Fortunately we might not have to wait so long for a follow up to that record, since Joe Duplantier revealed recently the band is currently in writing mode.

Duplantier told

"I actually hate it," he said. "I mean, I love it when there's an idea and it works and it sounds like there are things happening, but it's really weird to sit in the middle of all these shoes — because everybody throws their shoes in the back lounge, and dirty socks — and a computer, and [drummer/brother Mario Duplantier's drum] pad…

"We're not a rock band anymore, you know? It's like being in a cage, a stinky cage with a computer. It's not the same. I need to be in a room with my friends and jam, so I cannot wait to get to that stage.

"It's mostly riffs and ideas that we record. We have a list of riffs, but we don't have, really, a song. Well, we have two songs that [we think], Okay, there's a structure here and there are enough ideas to make something. Some of the stuff is really exciting, but the conditions are really difficult, and when the bus is driving…"

Duplantier also mentions in the interview that writing on the bus is a new concept to the band. He doesn't exactly say when they would normally write as opposed to the bus, but I'd imagine they go out into nature and ask the Ents for new ideas and material and just collaborate with them. Since Gojira are all about the nature jams. All kidding aside, the band hope to do some writing before their European touring starts in Feburary of 2014.

Should the band be really prolific, could we see a new album by the end of next year? That would be very exciting!

[via Blabbermouth]

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