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Poll Shows Americans Would Avoid Concerts Before COVID-19 Vaccine Is Available

Makes sense. Dying for a show is a little crazy.


Concerts coming back in 2020 seems like a pipe dream at this point. California governor Gavin Newsom recently said shows likely won't come back until a vaccine is available, while bioethicist Zeke Emanuel said their return would be likely in Fall 2021. Even if concerts did return, a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll shows that Americans might not even attend.

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The poll asked 4,429 American adults when they'd be comfortable attending major events. Of the interviewed, 27% said they would go when venues reopen, while 32% said they would wait for a vaccine.

Fifty-five percent said they don't even think that events should continue until a vaccine is available.

“Just because people say we can go back, until people feel fully safe … they aren’t going to go back,” said Victor Matheson, a specialist in sports economics at the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts.

“We go to games for entertainment and you’re not going to be very entertained if you’re not worrying about who the next player to bat is and instead worrying about that person who just coughed two rows down.”

Read the full article here. The poll has slightly different percentages to the one we've been conducting over recent weeks.

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In our Metal Injection poll, about 43% said they would attend a show as soon as restrictions our lifted, while the majority of folks wanted at least some kind of testing before returning. Here is the poll:

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