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Corey Taylor Says SLIPKNOT Has No Timetable For Release Of New Record

We've been following Slipknot and their plans to make a new record sometime in the future for a little while now, but apparently it'll be happening in 2014 for sure! Or at least an attempt.

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Here's what Corey Taylor told

The only thing we’ve talked about is the beginning of next year, getting together and seeing where each other are at, musically. I know I’ve got some music that I’ve been working on. Joey‘s (Jordison) got a bunch of stuff. Jim‘s (Root) got some stuff.Clown‘s always got a lot of really interesting musical ideas. So it’ll be really cool to see what happens.

We really don’t have a timetable; we’ve basically told everybody, ‘Screw you, don’t give us a deadline’ because this album especially is too important. It’s going to be a daunting task going into the studio without (the late bassist) Paul Gray, so I don’t need a bunch of suits rushing me through something that is going to be pretty emotional.

Right now the plan is to just go into the studio and see what happens.

This echos the sentiment Taylor shared with us recently about heading into the studio and recording.

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It'll be interesting to hear what the band will come up with given the whole "no deadlines" thing, and also without Gray being in the band given his apparent monster contributions to their music according to Slipknot. Here's to hoping "whatever happens in the studio" will be some classic Slipknot! Like, Iowa-staus kind of heavy, because that's where it's at for the Slipknot heaviness.

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