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Corey Taylor Discusses Joey Jordison Split, Progress of Next SLIPKNOT Album

That was fast! Not even a day has passed since Slipknot made their official statement that Joey Jordison has left the band for personal reasons, and Corey Taylor has already commented on it. 

Taylor was interviewed by  Minneapolis radio station 93X to promote the upcoming Stone Sour tour. The full interview can be heard below, but here are the juicy excerpts, transcribed by Blabbermouth.

When asked about the split with Joey:

"Honestly, I can't really talk about it right now. It's still so fresh and there's a lot of things going on behind the scenes that people don't know about. So, legally and respectfully, I can't say a lot about it. I can confirm that — obviously, we put something up on the web site but I can confirm that we have parted ways with Joey, and as soon as we can say something, we will. I mean, we're trying to protect him, trying to protect us, just making sure that we do everything right, because that's what we would expect from ourselves and that's what we would expect from the fans. And I know the fans are chomping at the bit; it's just we can't really say anything right now. It sucks for them and it sucks for us, because, I mean, we have always really prided ourselves on being able to come out and be honest with everybody. But there's really nothing we can say right now. And until we can, it's just kind of… It's difficult, but if people can bear with us, we'll cross that bridge when we can."

On the progress of the new Slipknot album:

"We're working on new material right now and getting some stuff together. I've been writing some stuff, Jim [Root, guitar] has got a ton of stuff. The guys are actually together right now jamming and putting stuff together. It's sounding really, really good. In light of yesterday's news, I know it's weird, but if anything positive can come out of this, it's just that I hope the fans know that we're really working towards putting out an album next year. So we're deep in it right now."

When asked if any of Joey's material will be on the new album or if he was a part of the writing process so far:

"No, no. He's been doing Scar The Martyr. So this is all fresh material that just a handful of us have been putting together."

Corey on his contributions to the new album:

"I'm letting them kind of work stuff out right now. I've got a handful of things that I'm doing… Obviously, I'm doing a tornado relief show in Peoria tomorrow, and I'm also filming a movie, which is pretty sweet. My schedule is pretty crazy, but I didn't wanna hold them back from really jumping in and getting started on the writing process. So they're sendinig me stuff, I'm kind of jotting down notes and everything. And I've been writing down a lot of lyrics and ideas for about a year and a half now, so I'm well ahead of the game. And just with the stuff that they're coming up with, I'm working on arrangements and trying to kind of get as much pre-production done as I can while they're doing rough demos and stuff, so once we do go into the studio next year, we'll be just well rehearsed and ready to make this as live and heavy as possible."

It's certainly shocking that Corey would say that Joey was not a part of the writing process, seeing as though Jordison has said in the past that he has plenty of music written for new Slipknot. Could there have been a massive disagreement?

Earlier today, we published an editorial about 10 possible candidates to replace Joey.

Here is the interview in full:

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Shout out to photographer Annie Atlasman.