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BURTON C. BELL Names The First Metal Record He Ever Bought

It was a great way to rebel against the church.

burton c bell

Vocalist Burton C. Bell (Ascension Of The Watchers, ex-Fear Factory) recently answered a few questions about music and movies for the Sobre La Dosis YouTube channel. Bell touched on his first metal album, which was Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden, and how the album's Satanic artwork by Derek Riggs and the accompanying music was a great rebellion against his religious upbringing.

"Obviously I've been a music fan for most of my life, and I've been buying records for most of my life but, the first metal record I ever purchased was… I was in high school actually, I was a late bloomer on metal, but I was ninth grade and it was 1983 and I purchased Iron Maiden's Number Of The Beast, which was a fantastic album. When first I heard it, it blew my mind, obviously being in ninth grade.

"The artwork [I] was really, really into it because that's the kind of art I was into – devil worshiping, Satanic. You know, anything that went against the church of the day [because] of course I was living in Texas and, you know, my parents made me go to church. And listening to Iron Maiden's Number Of The Beast of the beast, that's all I thought of while I was sitting in church. So fuck the church."

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