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Jered Threatin's Actual Identity Uncovered

The story takes a sad twist.

The story takes a sad twist.

This Threatin story just gets wilder and wilder. It started this weekend when we learned that the band kicked off their European tour playing to empty venues, and the venues realized they'd been duped by a fake promoter and that Jered created an entirely made up online presence.

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The whole con kept unraveling and what's even crazier is his own bandmates didn't realize it until the story broke. But who is Jered Threatin and where did he come from? Now, we know.

MetalSucks, which has arguably been Threatin-central in terms of investigating this, uncovered that Jered Threatin's real name is Jered Eames from a small town called Moberly, Missouri, population under 14,000. He's 29 years old and Threatin is not his first foray into music.

Jered had a death metal (maybe black metal?) band called Saetith, and released two EPs in 2007 and 2010. Metal Archives listings do come up for Saetith and Jered. You can even stream the 2010 EP, Revive the Blasphemy.

Hilariously, MetalSucks notes that Jered sent out a presser to Blabbermouth in 2010 that the band signed to UK label Rising Records, but no release by such act was ever put out on the label. There was a treasure trove of images on past social media accounts:

Jered Threatin's Actual Identity Uncovered Jered Threatin's Actual Identity Uncovered Jered Threatin's Actual Identity Uncovered

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Interestingly, the live guitarist credited on Saetith's Metal Archives page is Gian Pyres, who has performed with Cradle of Filth in two different stints.

Jered's brother, Scott, is also listed as a former member.  Scott Eames is currently a live member of Thy Antichrist, performing under the alias Wicked One. Scott also has his own project, Nevalra.

Update: Jered's brother, Scott, has released a statement distancing himself from Jered and saying the two haven't spoken since 2012. Read the statement here

Allegedly, Jered joined Abigail Williams in April of 2010, according to Metal Underground and played bass on In the Absence of Light, even though the band's Wiki page makes no note of him ever playing in the band nor is he listed in the credits on

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Saetith were an active local opener, opening for bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Monstrosity, and Cannibal Corpse. There was a whole Puerto Rican tour that MetalSucks disseminated that showed early signs of Jered's "promotional" ability.

The saddest part of the the expose, was MetalSucks found Jered's personal music page, and it looks like Jered is estranged from his father, who is desperately trying to reach his son.

Jered Threatin's Actual Identity Uncovered

Jered, call your dad, damn it! He seems worried.

Jered has been promising an official statement today, we'll see if we ever get one. Update: Jered did make a statement and it couldn't be any weirder

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