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Don't Hold Your Breath For New SLIPKNOT In 2013

It seemed so promising. Slipknot booked a Japanese date on Ozzfest and announced they will be a part of this year's Download Festival. Previously, members of the band (namely Joey Jordison) have said that once Corey Taylor and Jim Root wrap up their tour cycle with their other project, Stone Stour , which he hoped would be in early 2013, the band would enter the studio to finally work on new material.

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But, according to Corey Taylor, it look likes Stone Sour will be busier than planned, and not finished with their touring until 2014 at the earliest.

In an interview with Billboard Magazine, Taylor was asked about any progress with Slipknot in 2013:

"Next year's going to be very, very busy [for Stone Sour]," Taylor notes, which would seem to leave little time for the singer and guitarist Jim Root to focus on Slipknot. But Taylor says that group will play four shows — including OZZFest Japan on May 11 — while a new Slipknot album remains in the offing.

"It's gonna be awhile yet," Taylor reports. "We're throwing demos at each other. Once we all kind of see what the album could be, that`s when we'll go in. I think the worst thing that we could do as a band, and we're different from other bands, the worst thing that we could do is go right in and do something that feels forced, because the fans will see right through that, and we've never done that. So to me it makes more sense to kind of let the album come to us."

Of course, in between all the Stone Sour world tours, Taylor could enter the studio, but it doesn't seem like he's in any hurry. It could be quite a while until we hear from Slipknot again.

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