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BEN WEINMAN Confirms There Are No Upcoming DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Reunion Shows

We asked Ben ourselves.

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's Ben Weinman on Pioneering Change

Yesterday,  The Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rymer posted what appeared to be a potential setlist for a Dillinger reunion at Furnace Fest 2023. Considering Furnace Fest 2023 hadn't announced their lineup and the band's socials hadn't made mention of anything, the tease seemed odd. Then one fan got a response from guitarist Ben Weinman saying there was nothing to get excited about and that people shouldn't buy tickets for Furnace Fest 2023 in hopes of a reunion.

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Metal Injection has since reached out to Weinman for additional comment, who responded that there are no plans for any reunions at the moment. Though he's still pretty thrilled people got that excited about the news yesterday.

"I am so glad to see people so excited to talk Dillinger. Really heartwarming. But I can officially confirm that Dillinger Escape Plan will not be playing Furnace Fest. There has been no discussions of a reunion at this time. Apparently, Billy had a dream that we were playing and this was the setlist. He must have eaten before bed again. I told him not to do that."

The Dillinger Escape Plan broke up in 2017 with the final lineup of mastermind and guitarist Ben Weinman, guitarist Kevin Antreassian, drummer Billy Rymer, bassist Liam Wilson, and vocalist Greg Puciato. The band has made no additional appearances since then, and its members have gone to do pursue other ventures.

Rymer has also commented on his story, as captured by Lambgoat. He said: "I posted that story because that's what I was feeling in the moment. I'm on tour with Ho99o9 and it's great. We're kicking ass and playing the same venues as Dillinger did years ago, conjuring up old memories. I'm allowed to be nostalgic as well as hopeful. I want to see it happen more than anyone who saw the post. No one should take that as any official announcement, but that's where I stand on us playing again."

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