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Broderick/Drover Post-MEGADETH Band Vocalist Is The Dude From SCAR THE MARTYR

Posted by on December 19, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Earlier this week, Chris Broderick revealed his post-Megadeth plans. He's forming a new band with Shawn Drover, who of course also recently left Megadeth, using some of the "more complicated" scrapped Megadeth riffs as their starting point.

During the interview, Broderick also confirmed the new project has a vocalist but was not ready to reveal who it was. Blabbermouth did some snooping and found out the vocalist is former Scar The Martyr frontman Henry Derek Bonner.

If you would've asked me to name ten possible vocalists that Broderick and Drover would chose, Bonner wouldn't even be in the top 20. Not to say he's bad, he seems perfectly capable, it just seems like a left-of-center choice.

We haven't heard from Donner since he announced he was quitting Scar The Martyr due to personality differences, which later Joey Jordison denied, saying he was fired, so that must've ended well.

The group are still working on securing a name but all should be revealed soon.

Either way, I'm incredibly curious as to what they have up their sleeve.

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