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Blasphemy Case Against BEHEMOTH's Nergal Dropped

After stepping on an image of the Virgin Mary in 2019.

Behemoth vocalist and guitarist Adam "Nergal" Darski was accused of blasphemy in Poland over a photo of himself from 2019 stepping on an image of the Virgin Mary. Darski had to pay a fine over roughly $5,000 at the time and faced up to two years in prison over the accusations, which of course he contested.

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Now Darski has revealed that the charges have been dropped and the case has been dismissed. Darski didn't offer any specifics on why or how the case got dropped, but simply offered that "Common sense beats the shit out of fundamentalist agenda."

"Case DISMISSED. There’s NOTHING controversial about the jury’s verdict so fuckin’ DEAL with it. AFTER ALL we live in civilized and democratic country… still. Common sense beats the shit out of fundamentalist agenda which means on more step towards Poland remaining a secular state! Moreover, I know it’s like talking to the wall but to all my adversaries: dont’t give me that 'do the same with Koran' bullshit coz it’s old and irrelevant. I keep on spamming here coz I simply LOVE polarization between half of u dear followers congratulating me for the battle won and the other half… that would love see me crucifucked 😂🤓😎"

This isn't the first time Darski has been taken to court for blasphemy charges. Darski found himself in Polish courts before for the exact same thing in 2013.

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