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Bass God VICTOR WOOTEN Has Come To Dominate Progressive Metal With OCTAVISION

Well, this is the end of progressive metal. Game over.

Well, this is the end of progressive metal. Game over.

Y'know that double thump thumb technique that guys like Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders and Evan Brewer from Entheos and Lillake use? Bassist Victor Wooten invented that. Wooten is widely regarded as one of the best damn bassists out there, from his jazzy solo work and collaborations with dudes like Steve Bailey and Marcus Miller, to his work with fusion-flavored bluegrass chops on display with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones.

Now Wooten has come to dominate progressive metal with his band Octavision. The group just formed this year, and appears to be completely instrumental. There also isn't much information on when the band plans on putting out a record, but we do know that a music video is coming soon for a song called "Three Lives" and it's going to be absolutely insane. Seriously, Octavision needs to put out a record yesterday if it's going to be as good as it sounds like it'll be.

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