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In 1997, New York City based magician David Blaine became a world sensation with his first TV appearance performing a new spin on face-to-face street magic. Like most, I instantly became captivated and followed along with his career as a spectacle illusionist, and even been fortunate enough to witness most of his events in person.

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Blaine is back at it with a new illusion called Electrified that involves Tesla coils, a keyboard that fuels the electric current, and enough chain link clothing that would make Manowar blush. Despite the awesome set up, I tuned into the live feed on Saturday, and was bored almost instantly. I suspect Blaine got a little bored himself, or perhaps got sick of listening to kids who don't know how to play piano, because he invited everyone's favorite party starter, Andrew W.K., to play a few tunes and say a few words at the event. Take a look:

Although I know some don't agree, I love that guy! Leave it to Andrew W.K. to make anything at all seem awesome.

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A puzzle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a stained white t-shirt, Andrew W.K. is more than the sum of decades of partying.Advertisement. Scroll...


He's also taken over Apple Music's Headbangers.