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Amidst Domestic Abuse Charges, NECROPHOBIC Fire Frontman Tobias Sidegård

Frontman Tobias Sidegård of Swedish metal band Necrophobic has been dismissed of his duties. 

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Although he claims to deny it, Sidegård was accused various disgusting acts of domestic assault and sentenced to six months in prison as a result, despite having a "perfectly reasonable" explanation for everything.

Meanwhile, his band, Necrophobic were gearing up to release a new album Womb of Lilithu, and this wasn't exactly great press for the record. Earlier today, the band finally announced that they are moving on without Tobias:

Tobias is no longer a member of NECROPHOBIC. The verdict following his trial regrettably left us, the band, with no other choice. As stated before, NECROPHOBIC do not accept or tolerate domestic violence in any way.
We will now search for a replacement.
Tobias will make a statement of his own within the next couple of days, which he will publish on his Facebook page:

The band really didn't have much choice in the matter, and this seems like a pretty cut-and-dry business decision. Curiously, they took this long after the verdict to decide this so they had to be mulling it over and considering the possibility of moving along with a convicted domestic abuser in the band. That would've led to some fun interviews once Tobias got out and started touring.

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It will be interesting to read what Tobias has to say on the matter, although I doubt we'll be seeing any sort of apology, based on his previous comments on the matter.

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