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ALEX WEBSTER On Celebrities Wearing A CANNIBAL CORPSE Shirt: "We're Lucky To Be In That Position"

Shout out to Kourtney Kardashian, I guess?

Cannibal Corpse-15

Celebrities rocking a death metal shirt generally draws ire, or at least some folks from the "name three songs" camp. Though whatever artist they're repping is very likely stoked beyond belief for the free (and widespread) advertisement. In an interview with The Rockman Power Hour, Cannibal Corpse bassist Alex Webster explains why he personally was thrilled when Kourtney Kardashian was wearing an Eaten Back To Life shirt.

"We're lucky to be in that position," said Webster. "I remember I'd see these classic shirts – like you'll see a Motörhead shirt, or a Ramones shirt, or a Slayer logo shirt, an Iron Maiden shirt, AC/DC shirts – those kinds of things you'll see in pop culture, not just in the music scene. For us to start dipping into that a little bit… like, that was something I always kind of hoped would happen. I think anyone in a band [would hope] that you would make that kind of growth in your career, to be able to be really known universally in a way.

"It's something you can kind of hope for, but you can't really plan on it happening. I think just by us having been around for a long time it's sort of gotten there over the years to where every now and then there'll be this weird pop culture kind of reference to us that just doesn't… you wouldn't expect it, and it can yeah it can be with merch or something like that. To be fair too, we've just been lucky in that way, pretty far back now that I think about this question."

Webster then brought up the biggest brush with mainstream fame that Cannibal Corpse ever had – their appearance in the 1994 comedy Ace Ventura. Webster likens that to celebrities wearing their shirts, saying "it's always cool, but you can't plan on it. It just sort of happens." So basically stop getting mad when good bands get publicity, even if it's from someone irritating.

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