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Actress Laverne Cox Apologizes For Forgetting To Introduce METALLICA During Their GRAMMYs Performance With LADY GAGA

An honest mistake.

An honest mistake.

Last night wasn't exactly Metallica's best showing. The band were scheduled to perform their single "Moth Into Flame" with Lady Gaga, and just as the performance started, James Hetfield's mic was dead. Hetfield improvised and eventually walked over to Gaga and the two shared a mic, in true rock and roll fashion, but that wasn't the only faux pas.

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Actress and trans activist Laverne Cox came out to introduce the combination, and in the spirit of all the excitement, she actually forgot to identify Metallica, instead only introducing Lady Gaga:

I can't imagine this was an intentional slight, in the script or otherwise, as she did start off "Eight-time Grammy winners and six time Grammy award winner… Lady Gaga." Metallica are eight time Grammy award winners. It just seemed like Cox got so excited when she said Lady Gaga, she forgot to include "and Metallica."

Cox was made aware of the mistake and immediately tweeted an apology. "I am so sorry to #Metallica and all their fans." the actress said, "I am told I didn't say their names during the intro. Love you Metallica. You rock."

At the end of the night, there were far bigger errors to be upset about. Watch the Metallica performance everybody is talking about with Lady Gaga here.

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