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The song is unsurprisingly weird.


Tronos, the new band featuring bassist Shane Embury (Napalm DeathBrujeria), producer Russ Russell (At The GatesNapalm Death) and drummer Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, ex-Soilwork) will release their debut album Celestial Mechanics on April 12. Their new song "Premonition" has the added bonus of featuring Faith No More bassist Billy Gould and Voivod vocalist Denis "Snake" Belanger, and it's exactly as weird as you'd expect it to be.

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Here's what Embury had to say about the track.

"I wrote the words to 'Premonition' on tour one year on a day off in Portugal. I think it might have been on one of my birthdays away from home. I mean, when I am ever at home? The words are reflections on the life I have led — how any of our lives, I suppose, start small and how at times it feels dark and scary, but at times there's the happiness of achievement. Life feels continuously insecure sometimes, but I know that I feel my strongest when I gaze at the life I have in part helped to create in my children. I have no regrets and as life speeds faster onwards. I am prepared to leave one day knowing I have achieved more than was ever expected of me.

"To add, also having the chance to have Snake from Voivod singing on this track with me and Billy playing bass was an honor and I couldn't have thought of any other people more perfect for this track. It captures the emotion of a journey onwards and towards a higher plane of existence and has a special meaning for me."

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