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This New LOCRIAN Track Is A Nightmarish Dystopian Hellscape

So y'know, a Locrian track.


Locrian is back for the first time in seven years with a new record called New Catastrophism and a new single "The Glare Is Everywhere And Nowhere Our Shadow." If you're looking to be immersed in a wash of noise and hellish visuals with absolutely no reprieve whatsoever, then go ahead and hit play on the Nick Rosendorf-directed visualizer below. Though you've been warned – this track is loud as hell and the visualizer is genuinely horrifying.

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New Catastrophism was recorded and mixed with J. Robbins, mastered by Brad Boatright, given artwork by Trevor Paglen, and designed by Chimere Noire. New Catastrophism is out August 12, as well as a new EP titled Ghost Frontiers, with pre-orders for both being available here.

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