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THE HALO EFFECT Streams IHSAHN Remix Of "Shadowminds"

A "slightly twisted" version of the single.

Ihsahn 2022
Photo by Bjorn Tore Moen

The Halo Effect is now streaming Ihsahn's remix of their single "Shadowminds." The remix certainly retains elements of the original track, but has a lot of little twists and alterations that give it this interesting off-kilter feelings.

"I was flattered when my friends in The Halo Effect approached me for a remix, and, given the pedigree of Swedish metal within the band, I knew the original track would of course be stellar!" said Ihsahn of the remix. "So, I decided to try a somewhat experimental approach while still building on the core elements of the song. I hope Halo-fans will appreciate this slightly twisted version of 'Shadowminds.'"

As for new music from The Halo Effect, the band is hitting the studio this winter. According to vocalist Mikael Stanne in a recent interviewThe Halo Effect is planning to record a new EP (or something) at the end of this year for release hopefully sometime next summer.

"We're gonna try and go back into the studio and finish up the next record. Maybe not a full-length, but like an EP or something," said Stanne. "I'm gonna be on tour [this] winter with Dark Tranquillity. But then at the end of the year, we're gonna record some new stuff and hopefully have something ready before next summer so that we can play longer sets, basically… Because it's been weird playing the entire album at some of the festival shows we've done. Also, we did it before the album came out, which nobody does. So, yeah, that was kind of strange."

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