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HIPPIE DEATH CULT's New Single "Hornet Party" Is A Frantic Acid Trip

Like Mastodon and Dream Theater freaked out.


Hippie Death Cult is what I'd imagine would happen if stoner rock had a bad acid trip and listened to a little too much Mastodon and Dream Theater. See for yourself with the band's new single "Hornet Party" below, which features everything from total riff freakouts to some pretty creepy slow parts. It's awesome.

"Choosing singles to premiere for this new album has been a bit of a challenge for us. Each song (as well as each song on the Doom Sessions split) feels really unique from one another and its tough to say that one really defines the album more than another. I kind of view us as more of an album band rather than a singles band," said the band.

"That being said, 'Hornet Party' is the second song on the record following 'Red Meat Tricks' so we are going chronologically for this one. I think it might be the shortest song on the album and it’s a total rager both musically and lyrically. It’s probably the most physically demanding song for each of us to perform on the album, but it’s our way of kind of holding up some sort of artistic mirror to the current climate that we live in. Extreme times call for extreme art, so…"

Hippie Death Cult will release Circle Of Days on May 21. Pre-orders are available here.

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