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HIPPIE DEATH CULT Drops New Single "Arise", New Album Out In October

As crunchy as they've ever been.

Hippie Death Cult 2023

Hippie Death Cult is back with a crunchy new single "Arise" and a new record Helichrysum due out on October 20. If you're in the mood for slow-burning riffs and smoke vocals, then you're gonna love this.

"Lyrically, "Arise" serves as a poignant reminder of the prevalence of grifters and self-proclaimed spiritual leaders who exploit vulnerable individuals searching for guidance, often leaving them even more disillusioned and adrift than before," said bassist and vocalist Laura Philips. "The song narrates a tale of a devoted follower who finally sees through the charismatic manipulation and shatters the illusion. Another reminder to question everything and trust your own inner compass when navigating the path of truth."

Pre-orders for are available here (and here outside the US). On the new record, Philips said: "Our upcoming album Helichrysum delves deep into the human experience, exploring the wounds we carry and the transformative power that lies within us. It serves as a culmination of the countless creative and personal choices we have made, leading us to a place of greater harmony within ourselves, with each other, and with our collective intentions.

"Musically speaking, the new album is a testament to our commitment to delivering a sonic experience that is unapologetically raw, adventurous, heavy, groovy and psychedelic. The choice to name the album after the Helichrysum plant, holds a significance as the plant symbolizes endurance, healing, immortality, and the power to overcome adversity, which mirror many of the themes throughout the record."

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