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HEXIS Drop 2 New Songs To Celebrate 10th Anniversary!

Brand new music from Denmarks kings of heavy? Yes please!


Hexis have made a name for themselves over the last decade as devout road dogs. This is a band who craft a unique blend of black metal with doom and hardcore punk. Now, ten years into their career they are preparing to release a commemorative two song 6" (Yes, a 6" you read that right!) of brand new material.

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It is our honor to get to premier this for you guys. The tracks are typical Hexis fare, and if you love the heavy, get ready to get your head smashed in! Grab your copy of the limited edition EP here.

Frontman Filip Andersen says:

We are extremely happy to finally release these 2 tracks and share them with everybody. They got recorded back in 2016 as a part of the recording session of Tando Ashsnti + XII and were supposed to be on a split with our friends in the now defunct band Église from Copenhagen. Unfortunately this never happened. But now we had a chance to release it as part of our 10 years anniversary in 2020. This is also our first release as a 6" vinyl, and as a band who like to do things a bit unusual it makes us really excited to release it on a format like this.

Listen now!

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