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Shadow Woods Metal Festival Is Back Baby!

Get in here for an exclusive announcement day schedules from one of our favorite festivals!

Get in here for an exclusive announcement day schedules from one of our favorite festivals!

So one of my most memorable experiences last year with two months on the road managing Tengger Cavalry came from attending Shadow Woods Metal Fest. An intimate festival that takes place at a childrens summer camp of all places there is something magical about Shadow Woods. The gathered metalheads all camp out in the woods and check out some of the coolest bands the festival has to offer. The best part? There's no overlap between bands. So if you want to hang out you can do that, but if you want to watch every single band to play in the weekend that's an option to. Add in exciting additional activitiess, last year had some lectures aimed at alternative culture and black metal yoga, and it becomes clear why some people come back year after year. This years edition has the festivals strongest lineup yet featuring bands like PanopticonWoe, and of course Vastum. Working for blogs like Metal Injection over the years has had me going to festivals all over the world, and I can assure you that Shadow Woods is one of the most unique and best put together. There are no other events, especially not on the East Coast that even compare.

The organizer, the quasi-legendary Mary Spiro had this to say:

"The community that has grown up around Shadow Woods Metal Fest is awe inspiring and warms my heart. What started as a simple idea of camping and rocking out to some bands has organically grown into something that is bigger than the sum of its parts. People have made lifelong friendships, bands have initiated collaborations and tours, and one couple even got engaged last year. There are all kinds of cool music festivals around, but Shadow Woods is truly special. I wish everyone could experience it."

Get your tickets here:


Here are the day schedules (In alphabetical order):

Thursday: Aerial Ruin, Amigo The Devil, Dee Calhoun, Green Elder, Nechochwen, Take To The Woods

Friday: Castle, Churchburn, Dark Water Transit, Dead in the Manger, Elagabalus, Erlkonig, Fiakra, Foehammer, Heavy Temple, Human Bodies, Immaculate Deception, KYOTY, MomeNight RaidsSloth HerderThe Owls ANWTSVoarm

Saturday: All Hell, Amigo the Devil, Bearstorm, Black Table, Cut the Architects Hand, Earthling, Hexis, Infera Bruo, Panopticon, Percussor, Seasick Gladiator, Toke, VastumWitheredWoeWorthlessZud



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