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GHOST Finally Streams Meliora B-Side "Zenith"

Have you heard this 2015 rarity?

Ghost just surprise released their 13 Commandments compilation, which serves as a greatest hits for their later material. Interestingly, Ghost included the rare Meliora B-side "Zenith" as part of the compilation, which was previously only included on super limited physical versions of that album. So if you've never heard "Zenith" or didn't even know it existed, this is basically a brand new Ghost song for you to dig into!

As for what's next in the world of Ghost, it seems Papa Emeritus IV is headed out the door very soon. According to Emeritus IV during Ghost's October 5 show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane, Australia, that time on stage was his last.

"It's a big night in so many ways," said Emeritus IV between songs. "I'm going to let you accompany me, you can stay where you are and I'm going to go have a little bit of a drink over here. I know a lot of people are expecting some sort of explosion, implosion, a miracle where I just dissapear in favor of a successor.

"I'm going to take this ice cube and I'm going to put it down my pants. I usually don't do that, but that is to make me feel a little bit better because now I'm focusing on that and not on you. Just in case you thought I was pissing myself, which I'm sure would have been the great finale. But you know what? This finale, it's just going to be my last show, and I'm going to do my best to deliver that show to you and that would just have to be enough, okay?"

Ghost seems to have been hinting at the end of Emeritus IV for a little while now, but never came out and said it in such plain terms. Back in October 2022, Mr. Salterian said to Papa Emeritus IV midway through the band's then-recent chapter of their story that the "shows are scheduled, I KNOW when your time is up." There was also a video back in February of this year where Saltarian is noticeably wheeling around a new casket while Emeritus and Sister Imperator are talking.

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