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DRYAD Drops Blackened New Single "Pompeii Worm"

You can feel the frost from here.

Photographer credit: Zak Neumann
Photographer credit: Zak Neumann

Iowa City's black/death metal outfit Dryad are back with a third single and visualizer video, this time for the track, "Pompeii Worm." You can check the song out just below.

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"Pompeii Worm" is the final single to set the stage for Dryad’s upcoming debut album, The Abyssal Plain, available via Prosthetic Records on January 20. The song is about a mysterious "species of deep sea worms and their survival methods within it’s hostile climate and that of human persistence." Which means it's pretty frosty, so you should check it out as soon as possible.

Via a statement, Dryad  commented "With our third single from The Abyssal Plain, we dive even further into the murky depths of both the ocean and the mind. 'Pompeii Worm' is a sordid tale of extremophile beings surviving, and even thriving, in a place where no life should be able to exist. It's an incisive allegory of persistence and intention in a dark ocean of hopelessness and melancholy.

"The worm itself survives on the precipice of the hydrothermal vents in the deepest fathoms of the ocean, being constantly boiled alive – yet it has evolved to remain not only unscathed, but nurtured by the torrid waters themselves. An inexplicable sign of life in the vast and hellish gloom – a miraculous creature of the stygian depths, too weird to live and too rare to die."

Whoever said black metal lacks depth, Dryad  is definitely making them eat their words! The Abyssal Plain was recorded in the band’s Iowa stomping grounds by Luke Tweedy, was mixed and produced by Jaxon Vesely, and co-produced by Dryad's Claire Nunez, before being mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone.

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If Dryad's first three singles are to be any indication, The Abyssal Plain may very well be the debut LP to keep tabs on. A pre-order/pre-save for the album can be found here. So, go ahead and check out Dryad out today!

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