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CONTRACULT COLLECTIVE's EP, A Cult of Opposition Ushers In New Wave of Industrial Metal

Industrial metal is back and better than ever.

contracult collective

We've been paying close attention to Contracult Collective ever since they burst onto the scene in the last year. The Los Angeles industrial outfit just released a new EP, A Cult of Opposition, and it's a nice reminder that industrial metal is back and better than ever.

Contracult Collective join a new wave of bands like 3Teeth and Youth Code that are putting their own spin on industrial metal. The new EP features a few songs the band released previously, including "WDYT," "Spider" and their dirty cover of Hole's "Violet."

The EP is 25 minutes and an easy and pleasurable listen of atmopsheric, brooding tones and high-energy melodies. I look forward to hearing what else these noise makers have up their sleeves.

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