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Mustaine Mania

MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine Bragging About How Much More Money His New Label Is Spending On Him

I am so excited about Megadeth's new album Super Collider. Not neccisarily because of the music. We've heard the title track (which was not good) and "Kingmaker" which was more tolerable. But what I'm looking forward to is all the press Mustaine will now be doing, giving us choice quotes like this one:

That's what I one of the things I love about Universal [Megadeth's new label] is, they spent more money on our first photo shoot than almost all the videos that Roadrunner [their previous label] did. One photo shoot! Our last video we did for Roadrunner was one sixth of the money that they spent on our photo shoot. It just shows you how out of place we were there. At the time, though, you figure going back several years, heavy metal was not popular in America. It was about, you've gotta be Tayor Swift or you've gotta… First off, we were never really in this to be the most popular band in the world. We play this music, 'cause we love this music.

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Megadeth famously left Roadrunner and formed their own label, Tradecraft, which is just an imprint on Universal where Mustaine would get a greater share of the profits.

Here's the thing about the money Universal is throwing at their photo shoot, it's not free money, it's all going to be recouped. That means that Megadeth won't see a dime of profits on their new album until every last cent of that photo shoot is paid for. If anything, that isn't something to brag about, it's something that concern should be shown for. I can't wait for two years from now when Mustaine will be bitching about how Universal screwed him over and he hasn't seen any money from Super Collider and not realizing it's because the label blew it all on a photo shoot!

[Vlad Busca via Blabbermouth]

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