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MEGADETH Stream A (Much Better) New Track Off Super Collider.

There weren't too many fans of Megadeth's first single off Supercollider. "Kingmaker" makes up for it ten-fold.

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"Kingmaker" is the song that everyone wanted the title track to be- thrashy with sweet guitar solos and overall not lame-ass dad rock. Granted, it's not Countdown to Extinction or Rust in Peace, but it's good in it's own way. It's this down-tuned, thrashy, stompy jam that seems like Dave and the guys actually gve a crap and really took the time to write something good. This song makes me have a little more faith in Supercollider than I originally had. I guess we'll see soon enough since the record is out next month. Here's to hoping there's a third single and it'll ease our fears a little more!

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