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Mustaine Mania

DAVE MUSTAINE Does Not Understand The First Amendment Or How To Use Google

One thing I'm sad about is that Megadeth is winding down their current tour. Why am I sad? It means there is less of a chance of frontman Dave Mustaine saying something incredibly stupid that will make me giggle and make some butthurt Dave fans call me biased.

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In the last few weeks alone, Mustaine has spewed about not leaving the country although Obama was re-elected and then discussed secession, which is just the tip of the iceberg of all the stupid shit he's said this year.

Today we learn that Dave doesn't understand how the first amendment works.

At a recent concert in Salt Lake City, UT, Mustaine launched into another rant, starting by calling out people such as myself for calling him out…

"Anybody that knows me knows that I have a way of getting myself in trouble in that the First Amendment doesn't apply to Dave Mustaine. Seems like the fuckers in the world can say whatever they want, but I say something, I get in trouble…."

First off, the first amendment gives you freedom of speech without persecution from the government. Secondly, saying people can't call you out for being a jackass would infringe on those people's first amendment rights, buddy. Third, just because no record label wants to deal with your bullshit anymore doesn't mean you are being censored. (Sidenote: I've heard from a few sources at labels that Megadeth was sending feelers to that said he is no longer worth it). So you can say whatever you want, Dave, but don't be shocked when people react with massive eyerolls.

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Anyway, Dave continued…

"See, if I say something like, the president right now, who I won't mention by name because I promised myself I would never say his name again, but that this guy has borrowed more money than since George Washington to George W."

"What, are we stupid? Now, based on the thickness of a hundred-dollar bill, if you stacked one of those on top of another one, it would be 11,077 miles in the fucking atmosphere, the debt that this fucking country has right now because of this government. 11,077 miles' worth of hundred-dollar bills up into the sky. And guess who has to pay that: you and me."

"It's time for our fucking revolution."

Dave, I know you're a big fan of Alex Jones and friends of his, but are you aware of Google? Maybe once in a while when you hear a bogus claim like this, you can try to do yourself a favor and fact check before sounding like a moron. Oh hey look, here is a nice cushy article completely debunking your idiotic statement.

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The sad thing about all of this, to me, is that Dave is still very much a great songwriter. A song off their most recent album, TH1RT3EN came up on random in my music playlist recently and I couldn't help but give the devil his due. Dave still has it, musically, it's just…whatever he's talking about in-between songs is so terrible it turns me off to the whole thing. Get a grip, already!

Ok, now you can call me a biased asshole…

[via Blabbermouth]

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