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Metal Up Your Ass

Metal Up Your Ass: Tired of tweeting

Get me the tweet out of here! Everyone is tweeting all the damned time. I can't keep up. So here's a bunch of links I won't have time to twat to you.

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i wrestled a BLAAAG once

Early Graves has a new dude in the band

All metal sources agree on one thing hypocrisy is stupid

The follow-up to Heavy Metal Baghdad

Some Dutch metal heads predicted our unemployment

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When a new Decibel issue arrives, everyone wets themselves

If you live near Chi-town, you can catch the reunited Disembodied

Dimmu Blogger went off on shitty band names and interviewed Suffocation

Black Metal doc makers talk about the beauty of Norway

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Stoners can't play House of Blues

10 Capt Beefheart guitar Commandments

Non-tweeted Faith No More news

Addiction is a health issue, says Sharon

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Wolves in the Throne room say NO to future corporate sponsored events

Underoath admit to digging Joy Division

Arsis drummer back. Goaters debate the cause of the band's downfall: touring/shows versus drugs/money

Into The Studio

While getting snowed in can prevent you from getting to work, for Coalesce, they did some work

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After Down finishes their summer tour dates, they'll be recording

Unexpect are expecting to hit the studio 4/14

Horse The Band about to make new music and evidently influence kids to cut their jeans into shorts too


Mayhem is going to Mexico before their big North American tour and all these other bands are going on tour too: Big Business, Isis, Anal Cunt

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Who doesn't like dudes dressed in oversized costumes wrestling to the death? For 20 bucks you can watch some assholes beat each other up: KAIJU BIG BATTEL this Friday at The Warsaw in Brooklyn

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