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Metal Makes You Fat According to Study Published in British Tabloid

heavy metal fat

"Metal Makes Us All Heavy," reads the headline of a new article in British tabloid The Daily Star. The column was discussed on a British talk show earlier today, Jeremy Vine on 5.

The Music Nerd was the first to spot the topic being discussed on the British talk show. Look at this hilarious screenshot.

According to Loudwire, the original article stated that the music somebody listens to can dictate their food choices. Thus, fast and heavy music with distrortion rev up a listener enough that they want to gorge on fatty foods. Conversely, calm classical music can encourage a listener to make more sensible and nutritious choices.

Eff that! Jeremy Vine didn't seem convinced saying “It just could be one of these classic things that very large people are drawn to heavy metal music rather than the other way round. The music that makes us want to have a salad, we’ve yet to discover.”

Here is a screenshot of the article, although it's hard to read:

Metal Makes You Fat According to Study Published in British Tabloid

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