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Rare Distortion Pedal Currently Selling For Over $7,000

It's a Boss pedal.

Guitar gear can be pretty expensive. Throw in the fact that whatever the piece of gear is might be a collectible and forget it – the price is going through the roof. Which is exactly what happened with this Boss DS-1 distortion pedal.

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According to the listing on Reverb, the pedal was manufactured in February 1998 and it's "the rarest of the rare." The seller says they bought the pedal off "a guy" and didn't know the value of it at the time. Decide for yourselves with the listing description below. Apparently it functions, though the seller fails to mention if it'll also give you $7,000 worth of talent. Probably not.

Boss DS-1 Distortion, rare gold edition

"This super-special-version DS-1 has a visual impact,with a dazzling gold finnish. This commemorative model celebrates the achievement of six million BOSS compact effects shipped worldwide, and was produced in a special limited edition in February 1998. Among ordinary users, there's probably no one who has actually seen the real article. That's as it should be because this DS-1 is the rarest of the rare, and was only presented to overseas joint venture firms, in honor of their great contribution to BOSS sales. In general, replicas of this model often lack the function of the original, but the insides of this DS-1 are exactly the same as the original. In other words, if you plug in a guitar, it'll give you distortion. The inscriptions on the input and output jack also enhance the box's elegance."

I do not own the original box.
I don't even know if it ever had one.

I bought this pedal some years ago from a guy, without knowing what a special item this pedal is. Only recently I came about to find that this pedal is a special collector sought after one.

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[via MetalSucks]

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