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METALLICA Make It Official: Blackened Whiskey Coming This Fall

I guess it's not called Whiskey in the Jar-O. :(

I guess it's not called Whiskey in the Jar-O. :(

At this point, practically your entire home and wardrobe can be Metallica gear. From watches to sneakers to skis to pinball games to ties to coffee to jigsaw puzzles, Metallica make everything.

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And now, they're making whiskey. They are calling it Blackened American Whiskey. There were rumblings back in March, but now it's official.

Metallica's official website announces:

Those of you who are whiskey connoisseurs may have heard some rumblings earlier this summer as we’re honored to partner with Master Distiller extraordinaire, Dave Pickerell, to create a unique blend of straight American whiskey available in select U.S. cities later this week and online at or

This collaboration is the perfect match. Legendary in the spirits community, Dave is a chemical engineer who has revolutionized the distilling processes with techniques like solera aging and triple-finishing. He experienced the power of soundwaves during his time as a student and then a Professor of Chemistry at West Point, home to the world’s largest church organ. When the lowest note would reverberate through the halls, “the whole building would tremble, it would really shake your guts,” Dave says. With that in mind, “Blackened” isn’t just the name of a song on …And Justice For All and now on the bottle; it literally helps to shape the flavor! That’s right, the blend of bourbons, ryes, and whiskeys from all across North America, carefully selected by Dave himself, is housed in black brandy barrels and inundated with low hertz sound waves so intense that it actually enhances the molecular interaction and ultimately the finish of the whiskey.

Interestingly, the distilling process required music being played.

We are fortunate to have a long-time collaboration with Meyer Sound, who have engineered a proprietary subwoofer that amplifies the low frequency sound waves and all the planets aligned. It just so happens that the low-frequency range needed for Dave’s vision was the range you hear in our music and the process of sonic-enhancement we call “Black Noise” was born. A patent-pending process, the playlists that we create helps to shape the flavor of the whiskey.

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And you guessed it, the soundwave that fronts the bottle comes from “Blackened” and we’re pretty sure you know why the inaugural batch is labeled 081. Each batch of 5,000 bottles of Blackened American Whiskey will come with an accompanying playlist at and on Spotify and Apple Music.

Blackened Whiskey will be available this fall, and they will be doing events around Metallica's upcoming tour dates to celebrate the release.

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