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MEGADETH Launch Online Slot Machine Game

This is not a joke, although it'd be a funny one. We've covered lame metal merch in the past, whether it be Metallica Monopoly, Motley Crue checkbooks and Slayer candy jars, but at least with all of those you are getting a physical product. Dave Mustaine has said he's not as rich as some people think he is, which clearly means he's ready to slap the Megadeth brand on anything, including an online slot machine. Yes, seriously! You can now play slots with Dave, David, Shawn and Chris's faces on them. And, this whole thing can be done for real actual money. Like going to Vegas from your computer. If you're into this, there are a lot of online slots games and even there is version for mobile phones.

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The question I ask is "Why?" Why do this? There is no demand for a Megadeth slot machine, it has nothing to do with music. Are they trying to  appeal to an older demographic? Get their fans' grandparents into the music by forcing them to listen to it while playing slots? I don't know, I don't get it. I can't play the game due to strict U.S. anti-gambling laws (maybe Dave will be against that now too) but you can check out a video of the gameplay here: 

If you live in a country with lax gambling laws, you can play the game at

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