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Blog is the new Black

If you notice there is something different about the site today. Where did the newsboard go? Pfft, newsboards are so 1998! The blog is the new hip thing. Newsboards are like those kids still reppin' Korn, writing all their R's backwards, whereas the blog is the kid with the Red Chord shirt? What? Does that make us The Red Chord? Well, actually, we have one member of the Red Chord on staff…so I guess we're a side project.

I've gotten terribly off topic. Anyway, from now on, forget about your boring old news, everything is going to be better organized and easier to read. Don't fret though. Our resident sex machine, deadspout will post frequent "Spout Offs" where he will cover all the small tidbits that may fall through the cracks. Our mission on Blog Injection is to keep you informed with not just who's touring and splitting up, but with everything related to the music business.

We are going to be working out the kinks in this new blog, and as always we'd like to get your feedback. Let us know what you think in our forum.

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