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Metal Crimes

VANNA Sued By Fan Who Got Hit By Guitar During Show

This one gets pretty crazy.

This one gets pretty crazy.

Sometimes when you go to a show, you get punched or tripped by someone in the crowd. You chalk it up to being at a show and go on with your life. Though sometimes you get hit with a flying guitar and break your nose in five different places, as happened Vanna fan Eric Quiros.

Quiros, whose nose was broken and actually punctured by an errant string, is suing the band for an unspecified amount, according to TMZ. Here are some of the kickers of the lawsuit…

  • The event happened on November 20, 2013. So two years later a lawsuit arises? I'm not sure what the statute of limitations are on that kind of thing, but two years seems like a while.
  • Quiros is also suing the venue, Whisky A Go Go. Was it the venue's fault?

I get it, a lawsuit against the band is reasonable. You go to a show expecting some drunk dickhead to knock you down or something, not a guitar to come flying at your face. I think that might be outside the bounds of "hazards to expect" in this case, though with the two above bullets I'm interested to see how this plays out!

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