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Metal Crimes

Mosh Pit Stabbing at CATTLE DECAPITATION Show Results in Two Fans Hospitalized

Some people just don't know how to mosh.

Some people just don't know how to mosh.

Cattle Decapitation's show at the 13th Frame Lounge in La Habra, CA did not end well for two concert goers as they ended up in the hospital.

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Lambgoat reports that a fan was allegedly displeased about being pushed around in a moshpit and ended up pulling out a knife and slashing another fan's neck. Other metalheads on the scene immediately took action and surrounded the attacker and knocked him unconscious. What heroes!

The attacker and his victim both ended up in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The news was first reported by Suicide Silence drummer Alex Lopez, who was attending the show as a fan…

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One attendee alleges that the reason the knife was pulled was because the attacker's girlfriend got hit.

Look, I'll say it again. If you don't want to be punched or attacked, get the fuck out of the pit. Yes, moshing could be violent, but it doesn't have to be. It can just be people running into each other having a good time. Leave the fucking weapons at home.

No charges were brought up on the attacker at the time of article publishing.

Update: A commenter below going by the name Anna claims she is the girlfriend of the attacker and left comments below defending her boyfriend. For what it's worth, the commenter's IP is within the region of where the show was held:

The "attacker" was protecting me because a 400 pound shirtless mexican punched me (his girlfriend) in the face for telling him to take his ass to a hardcore show where he belonged. He had already hit multiple people and was looking for a fight. The victim was his friend (I believe) who jumped in when the big dude and his brood of women attacked me for hitting the guy back. I wasn't moshing. I made a comment. He didnt belong there and needs to learn to take an insult. Im amused that all the fans there allowed a man to repeatedly punch a woman in the skull. Especially one starting shit in the first place. So yeah, my boyfriend stabbed someone and Id have done the same four guys were wailing on me for defending my loved one. Real men dont hit women, and real metal fans dont mosh to start fights. You hit someone, knock em down, whatever…. you help them back up. This mexican dude did not have that mentality. He belongs at a hardcore show.

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In responding to another comment, she writes:

The pit was empty and i walked through it to the outside of the empty lifeless pit to tell the douche to take his attitude to a hardcore show. That's not an excuse to repeatedly punch me in the face and its all on camera. There were TWO fights within the group. The big dude and three women hitting me, and four or so dudes on my boyfriend. If I had a knife and they were wailing on me id have stabbed em too. They need to go back where they belong. Not a metal show.

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