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This Guitar Is Made For Smashing!

Oh, the Japanese…what will they think of next? I think we can all agree that the apex of rock stardom for guitarists comes when they are able to smash the living shit out of their guitar. It not only gives off attitude, but it says, I'm so rich, I can break this expensive gadget. But what about the common man? The working class rock star, if you will. Well, that's where guitar makers K-Japan come in.

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They have released a line of "Smash Guitars" which in essence are cheap single serve electric guitars that are made to break. The guitar has a special empty body so that it's easy to break. It has a maple neck, a rosewood fretboard, dual pickups, and electronics in the center of the body to minimize dangerous trajectories. You don't want your fans to go blind do you? The crazy thing is the price – only $55. Once you're done smashing, you can even send it back to the company and they will reassemble it for a fee (or you could just buy more than one of these!)

If this is something you are getting excited about, you'll have to wait, as demand was so high that they are all sold out. More info can be found on the K-Japan official site for the guitar. If you'd like to see a weird Japanese video seeing how these things function (as if you can't guess), look no further…

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