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UNEARTH Names The 11 Best Lesser-Known Metalcore Classics, Announces New Album

Featuring Blood Has Been Shed, Overcast, Sevenday Curse, Die My Will, and more!

Unearth 2023
Photo by Mezgarth

Unearth has announced their new record The Wretched; The Ruinous for May 5. The band is now streaming the new single "Mother Betrayal" alongside their list of underrated metalcore classics, which you'll find below.

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"'Mother Betrayal' is an ominous banger heavily laden with the melodic death metal, thrash and metallic hardcore combination that has signified our sound since the beginning," said Unearth vocalist Trevor Phipps.

"It kicks up the aggression and ferocity beyond previous recordings while also veering into new territories musically, vocally and structurally. 'Mother Betrayal' is a warning that we are smashing past multiple ecological tipping points caused by our dependence on fossil fuels that will forever alter life on our planet."

The Wretched; The Ruinous is the first Unearth record without guitarist Ken Susi, who parted ways the band in 2022. "It simply came time for Unearth and Ken to take a break from working together. He'll always be a large part of the story of this band, and we wish him the best on all of his endeavors," said Phipps.

Pre-orders for The Wretched; The Ruinous are available here.

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The following list was written by Unearth guitarist Buz McGrath and vocalist Trevor Phipps.

Overcast – "Seven Ft. Grin"

Overcast were largely responsible for the rise of metal in the hardcore scene in Massachusetts in the 90's. During a time when many metal bands were chasing a more commercial path Overcast brought metal to the underground with two full lengths and a series of EP's that were highly influential in the Northeast of the USA, especially New England. The group spawned other notable acts with singer Brian Fair singing for Shadows Fall, Mike D'Antonio (bass for Killswitch Engage) and Peter Cortese (guitar Seemless and Death Ray Vision)

Sevenday Curse – "Revelations"

Their melodic death metal meets northeast hardcore was a blueprint for what was to come with metalcore in the early 2000's. This band could have been massive with the right recording and team behind them.

Die My Will – "Waking the Gods"

When I hear someone say something is metalcore, this is what I envision. It's heavy, unrelenting and powerful. A Die My Will gig brought chaos to the pit from the first note until the last.

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Humans Being – "First Time in a Hearse"

A band from just north of Boston that was on fire for a couple of years in the late '90s in the area. Their debut LP My Demons Disagree was a staple in the Northshore metal/hardcore scene.

Prayer For Cleansing – "Sonnet"

The guitar harmonies, melodic death metal and North Carolina two step paved a path for metal and heavy hardcore to be more indistinguishable. True pioneers of metalcore.

Undying – "This Day All Gods Die"

It's impossible to not get hyped when you listen to this song. Another band that created a path for bands that came after them to mix their own favorite styles of metal and hardcore and present a finished product. All lines of what bands belonged on what shows truly went away when Prayer For Cleansing and Undying started making noise.

All Out War – "Into The Flames Of Progression"

A band that is still going strong today, so them being on this list isn't a slight by any means. For us, All Out War should be on top of the mountain of metallic hardcore bands. Their blend of Slayer meets heavy hardcore has been causing carnage on the dance floor for over 25 years and their new album Celestial Rot shows the band still on top of their game.

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If Hope Dies – "Anthem For The Unemployable"

When bands starting introducing melodic choruses to metalcore, some did it with a more pop sense while others went at it with a more intense approach. If Hope Dies were masters of just that. Melodeath mixed with American metalcore and a vocalist who could belt out the burliest of heavy vocals while also having you sing along with a catchy yet aggressive "clean" chorus. These guys unfortunately called it quits right when it seemed things were about to take off for them.

Blood Has Been Shed – "En Sabah Nur"

If you're from the Northeast in the USA you know Blood Has Been Shed. Howard Jones later went on to sing for Killswitch Engage, Light The Torch, and more and is a mainstay in the metal/hardcore world. I know many who would love to see a Blood Has Been Shed reunion.

A Life Once Lost – "Vulture"

These guys did some big tours and had a solid career, but were gone too early. Their mix of metal, hardcore and dirty heavy rock was unique and a welcome band on almost any heavy music tour.

Acme – "Blind"

A band from Germany that many considered a "hardcore," but this is early days metal core. This song in particular ended up on mix tapes and burnt CDs all over New England and was referenced heavily as an influence for bands at the time.

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