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Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Blood Ceremony, Burning Witches, Enforcer, Galactic Empire, Nightmarer, Vintersea, and Vvon Dogma I.


"This is a solid offering from one of the metalcore greats. I'm sure these songs will fit nicely with the band's repertoire."

Latest Unearth Music Videos

Music Videos

The trio's debut LP arrives early next year.

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Latest Unearth Reviews


Unearth drop a solid set of future live favorites...


There’s a perfectly good reason Unearth has been popular for so long, and Watchers of Rule, their newest release, is utter proof of that.


One could say a lot of good things about Unearth. In 2001, with most emerging metal bands still mired in the colossal waste of...

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Latest Unearth Live Footage

Live Footage

Check out Pit Full of Shit, video by Frank Huang

Live Footage

Unearth played a new song for the first time ever at Heavy MTL this weekend and we were there to capture it. More Heavy...

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