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The 12 Most Metal WWE Entrance Themes of Current Superstars & Divas

With WrestleMania play button 31 right around the corner, this Sunday, I thought it would be a perfect time to mesh my two loves – wrestling and heavy metal. After recently learning that Type O Negative were commissioned to create a theme for Kane, it got me thinking about what wrestlers have metal entrance themes, so I compiled this list of WWE and NXT (their developmental league) superstars and their heavy metal entrances.

Triple H

Sounds like: Motorhead, duh!

Triple H is the only wrestler that I can think of to ever have two active entrance themes. "King of Kings" is his entrance for when he is in "boss" mode as a member of The Authority, and then "The Game" for when he wrestles. Of course, Triple H being the COO of the company, got an actual metal band to do his music, FN Motorhead! I guess he loved it so much, he comissioned Lemmy and co. to create two more themes, the King of Kings entrance and the now-defunct Evolution faction theme.

Brock Lesnar

Sounds like: A boulder rolling down a cliff.

The beast incarnate is absolutely the most unique pro wrestler in the WWE today. He works a part time schedule but anytime he's in the ring, it's unlike any other wrestling match. Look, we all know wrestling is pre-determined but this guy makes everything look so painful, because he most likely is hurting his opponent. But the music itself may just be the best pump-up anthem to kick some ass I've ever heard. I'm hoping Brock retains this Sunday.

Mick Foley

Sounds like: AC/DC (even though it's basically a rip of Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot")

When you have a name like "The Hardcore Legend," you're going to end up on this list. Of all the modern pro wrestlers, nobody is more metal than Mick Foley. The dude scarred himself with barbed wire, steel cage drops and fire. You can't get any more metal than that. His entrance theme kicks off with a car crash and breaks into a riff that even Brian Johnson would approve of.


Sounds like: British metalcore?

I'm so excited WWE finally has a female metalhead on the roster. Paige recently revealed her mother named her after Slayer, so naturally her character has a gothic edge. Her merch designs feature the phrase "Scream for Me," no doubt lifted from Bruce Dickinson's repertoire. I love how it starts with a witch's screech and then breaks into a fun a riff and a chant-along. In her one year in the WWE, she has carved out a place for herself and we couldn't be more pumped.

Finn Balor

Sounds like: Dimmu Borgir? Symphonic metal.

Finn Balor debuted in WWE's developmental terrority less than a year ago and is already near the top of my favorite superstars list. Having made a name for himself in Japan as Prince Devitt, Balor was already ahead of the game when he showed up in WWE. But during his first big match, teaming with Hideo Atami against the Ascension, Balor brought out the war paint, and the combo of the paint and his incredible symphonic metal theme earned him a spot on this list. Oh, and this guy can really wrestle too.


Sounds like: 90's Anthrax

Ryback is a genetic freak, and his music is sort of like his pre-workout amp up. The riffage is sort of similar to the Brock Lesnar theme, but this one features vocals and is perhaps a bit slower-tempo. Overall, it's a great metal theme that fits the character of Ryback, a beast who needs to be "fed" more wrestlers, perfectly!

The Ascension

Sounds like: Pantera-inspired biker metal.

The Ascension are sort of a cheesy throwback to tag teams like the Legion of Doom and Demolition, and while the character development is almost nonexistent, the entrance theme has continually got stuck in my head. Seriously, that riff is so great, a metal band should just steal it and make millions.

Seth Rollins

Sounds like: '00s metalcore

It's no secret that Mr. Money in the Bank is a fan of metalcore, so I'm assuming he had a lot of input into the creation of his theme song. The track is basically an unrelenting breakdown in the vein of a band like Killswitch Engage or Shadows Fall. I do not mind at all.

Kevin Owens

Sounds like: Nu-metal/metalcore hybrid?

When the riff first kicks in, a half expect somebody to rap over it, but the proceeding riff then sounds like some metalcore action. Overall, again, this theme captures the essence of Kevin Owens. When you look at Kevin Owens, you don't necessarily see the stereotypical mold of a wrestler, but the dude is a total hoss, which is why he is the champion of their developmental league, NXT.

Hideo Itami

Sounds like: Loudness?

I remember watching KENTA in the early '00s in Ring of Honor and being bummed that a dude this talented would never get the recognition he deserves because he didn't fit the WWE mold. What a difference a few years makes. KENTA is now Hideo Itami in the WWE and one of the top prospects of the NXT division. His intro might not seem metal at first, but immediately after those opening chords a monster riff comes in, accompanying Itami into the ring for a very memorable entrance.

Roman Reigns

Sounds like: More Pantera-inspired biker metal.

I guess now that I think about it, all these tracks sort of sound similar since they are all created by Jim Johnston. This is another theme that gets me really pumped. The opening riff is just so good, I can't help but get it stuck in my head. Will Roman Reigns' hand be raised high at the end of the night at WrestleMania? I sort of hope not.

Dean Ambrose

Sounds like: Kinda like the Roman Reigns theme

Dean Ambrose is my favorite current WWE wrestler. The dude's logo is basically an anarchy symbol. He's as close to a modern-day Stone Cold Steve Austin as we're going to get and the dude's entrance theme reflects that. I hope Ambrose wins the title this Sunday.

Quick WrestleMania Predictions

Okay, before I get outta here, here are some quick thoughts on the matches this Sunday…

Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns: I know everybody assumes that Reigns is going to win this one, but with the news that Brock just re-signed a three year deal with the company, I hope this means he retains. There is speculation that perhaps both wrestlers will "turn" with Reigns becoming a bad guy, and Lesnar a good, but I don't want Paul Heyman leaving Lesnar's side. I'm hopeful Lesnar barely retains, and let Roman win a few months down the line, when he's more ready. There's also a possibility of a MITB cash in by Seth Rollins which would certainly make this a memorable Mania.

Triple H vs. Sting: A few months ago, I thought this would be a lame match, but now I'm actually really looking forward to seeing what Sting has left in the tank. Sting wins 100% .

Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins: Typically, the good guys win at Mania, and Orton is just bouncing back from a injury return, so I say he gets his vengeance here and comes out on top.

John Cena vs. Rusev: Cena sort of has to beat Rusev here doesn't he? He's been saying he's fighting for America and nobody has been able to stop Rusev yet, and I can't think of a better guy than Cena. Perhaps he will help elevate the US Title as well.

Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt: After losing last year, Undertaker has to win this one 100%

IC Title Ladder Match: I really want Dean Ambrose to win this one, because he deserves it, but I have a feeling Daniel Bryan will win it, to help elevate the prestige of the title. Bryan can have a great match with anybody so I wouldn't be too upset.

Bellas vs. The Anti Divas: I think the Anti Divas are going to pull one out here.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal: One thing is for sure, Mizdow is turning on Miz. Not sure if he wins, or perhaps somebody else would could use the victory more like Ryback or perhaps a returning Shemus.

Tag Team Title four way: I hope Tyson and Cesaro retain.

[h/t to #StraightShoot for help compiling the list]

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