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LAMB OF GOD's Mark Morton Ranks The Band's Discography From Worst To Best

Posted by on November 16, 2018 at 2:55 pm

Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton recently sat down with Metal Hammer to rank his band's discography from what he feels is their least favorable to most favorable records.

Morton interestingly clocks the band's 2012 album Resolution in at number six, saying it was too long, too hard to sequence, and was the result of in-fighting and compromise over what songs were included.

“Resolution has really great songs on it. My problem is that it’s about four songs too long. A great album you have to be able to listen to start to finish, like Slayer’s South Of Heaven. And with Resolution you can’t really do that. It’s 14 songs, and three or four of ’em shouldn’t be there, and we were all kind of in-fighting at that point in time, because everyone gets their little darlings and you want your little darling to be on the album. So the compromise was, ‘We’re gonna make a long album’. The pulse of the album was fucked up because it was too long, and it was hard to sequence. There are a few sets of songs where they both kinda do the same thing, but one does it better than the other and they’re both there. But there are great songs on there.”

Morton also puts New American Gospel as his least favorite, saying "it sounds like crap" and "were all amazingly unprepared and we were still just a drunken mob back then." He adds the remixed version sounds way better. Lamb Of God is currently working on a new album possibly due out late 2019, and you can check out Morton's full rankings below.

7. New American Gospel (2000)
6. Resolution (2012)
5. Ashes Of The Wake (2004)
4. Sacrament (2006)
3. As The Palaces Burn (2003)
2. Wrath (2009)
1. VII: Sturm Und Drang (2015)

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