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Our Picks For The Best Albums Of 2014 (So Far)

We're halfway through 2014 already and it's been pretty crazy in terms of good releases so far. Here's some of our favorites!

We're halfway through 2014 already and it's been pretty crazy in terms of good releases so far. Here's some of our favorites!

Shayne Mathis' Picks (So Far)


Nux Vomica – Nux Vomica

These Portland-based crust iconoclasts' Relapse Records debut is a massive sounding, post-everything fusion of crust, black metal, death metal, doom, and hardcore. This isn't an album for purists, but anyone who's searching for a unique musical experience in the realm of heavy music should seek this album out immediately.

Listen and get it here!


Teitanblood – Death

From the moment the album opening "Anteinfierno" abruptly bursts into existence, it's obvious that the reclusive Spanish duo behind Teitanblood don't care about creating music for anyone but themselves. Many will find Death unlistenable, but this chaotic mass of atavistic black/death fury is perfect for those seeking to hear the soundtrack to Hell.

Listen and get it here!


Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall

Greece's Dead Congregation aren't pushing any death metal boundaries on Promulgation of the Fall, but what they lack in originality, they more than make up for in execution. This is an expertly crafted piece of Incantation-style death metal that pays respect to those who came before while never sounding contrived or plagiarized.

Listen and get it here!


Edguy – Space Police: Defenders of the Crown

Edguy has been in a slump for a few years, but Space Police: Defenders of the Crown finds the band sounding reinvigorated. Edguy have finally managed to strike a balance between their epic power metal past and the more rockcentric direction they've been moving in. The result is one of the funnest power metal albums of the last few years.

Listen and get it here!


Eyehategod – Eyehategod

Against all odds, Eyehategod have returned from a 14 year absence, and they haven't lost a step despite weathering substance abuse issues, jail time, Hurricane Katrina, and the death of  drummer Joey LaCaze. Eyehategod is a grand blast of misanthropic rage from some of the founding fathers of sludge metal. It's good to have them back.

Listen and get it here!

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