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Best of 2015

The Top 20 Viral Metal Videos of 2015

The funniest video clips of the year (not including music videos.)

The funniest video clips of the year (not including music videos.)

We here at Metal Injection don't always like to take the genre we cover too seriously. We love a good laugh, especially when celebrating the heaviest of the heavy. Throughout the year, many videos have tried to entertain us metalheads, but these 20 videos are the best of the best. Enjoy…

Blast Beats on the B-Train

Shortly after criticizing two kids for shouting Testament lyrics on a train, this video surfaced of one of those same kids jamming out (to himself) on the train and, with this video, we were onboard. We even tracked down the person headbanging in this video, and somehow ended up on the phone with his father in what ended up being one of the funniest segments of the year on the RIP a Livecast.

Norwegian Prime Minister Practices Her Blast Beats

This video of Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg crushing her drumkit never ceases to be funny to me. As one commenter mentioned "She's pretty good. She should play for Rings of Saturn."

Elders Reacting To SLIPKNOT Is The Best Thing Ever!

Old people watching metal clips will never get old to us and this one is particularly hilarious.

Young Indonesian Girl's Crushing LAMB OF GOD Cover Will Blow You Away

If you don't find this video amazing, you either have no soul, are racist or sexist. This video truly proves the universal appeal of heavy metal.

SLAYER Played on Pre-School Instruments Works Better Than Expected

This video, posted on January 5th of this year was the first big "viral" hit of the year. We're pretty sure it inspired the Mike Portnoy Hello Kitty drumkit video too.

Kids Cartoon Offers Most Accurate Description of Metal Genres Yet

Leave it to Pig Destroyer mastermind Scott Hull to discover this hilarious clip from the kids cartoon The Amazing World of Gumball which offers the best description of metal yet.

Puppeteer's Amazing GUNS N ROSES Performance Makes This Subway Ride Bearable

Póngale play!! Esta muy bueno!

Posted by Angelo Sergio Campi Jiménez on Saturday, October 17, 2015

Clocking in at 33 million views, if you haven't seen this video yet, you were likely asleep for the second half of the year.

The Ultimate NAMM Training Guide

Our buddies at Gear Gods concocted this guide early in the year that was SO accurate about the NAMM experience, that it was the talk of the town at the convention in January.

Meet The Death Metal Howler Monkey

Monkeys are pretty metal. This year, we learned there are some that are actually quite DEATH METAL as well.

KORN "Falling Away From Me" Smooth Jazz Version

Mash-up master Andy Rehfeldt had a lot of great entries this year, but this one sticks out the most for us. See more of his mash-ups here.

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